The Day No One Was Angry by Toon Tellegen, illustrated by Marc Boutavant. Gecko Press.

The Day No One Was Angry

Toon Tellegen’s philosophical tales for children portray the complexity of human emotions through a cast of surprisingly human animal characters illustrated by Marc Boutavant.

Mix It Up by Hervé Tullet

Mix It Up

Ruth Wivell reports on Hervé Tullet’s whimsical approach to basic colour theory in his latest title for toddlers.

The Big Letter Hunt by Amandine Alessandra and Rute Nieto Ferreira. Tower Block Books.

The Big Letter Hunt

Amandine Alessandra and Rute Nieto Ferreira’s risograph-printed book is at once a game, an A to Z, and lesson in how to look.

The Rabbit and the Shadow by Melanie Rutten

The Rabbit and the Shadow

Mélanie Rutten’s short-chaptered picture book is an exquisite and vivid portrayal of the complex emotions we experience growing up.

Follow the Firefly / Run Rabbit Run by Bernard Carvalho. Book Island.

Round Up: Dogs in Books

In these picture books, dogs living in a human world prompt us to empathise with those more vulnerable than ourselves, and reveal the powerful role silent characters can play.

Stark Wie Ein Bär by Katrin Stang

Stark Wie Ein Bär / Strong As A Bear

Judith Carnaby considers what makes Katrin Stangl’s clever animal pairings and boldly coloured illustrations so engaging for children learning about the world.

Spooky Stories 1

Spooky Stories for Halloween

Halloween is the perfect excuse to wrap up warm and enjoy being terrified by a really good book. Here’s our pick of the best illustrated spook stories.

Catch that Crocodile! Tara Books. Fruit Seller

Tara Books Paperbacks

Nonsense poetry, illustrative typography and graphic artwork combine to make these books from Chennai-based publisher Tara Books ready classics.

In the Land of Punctuation designed by Rathna Ramanathan. Tara Books

Rathna Ramanathan on Typography

Tara Books director of design Rathna Ramanathan talks about using typography to visualise language and designing first and foremost for the reader.

Who Built That? Modern Houses by Didier Cornille. Princeton Architectural Press.

Who Built That? Modern Houses

Didier Cornille puts children in the picture of architectural icons from the 20th and 21st centuries, and encourages them to define the structures of the future.

Maia and What Matters by Tina Mortier and Kaatje Vermeire. Book Island.

Maia and What Matters

Lucy Noakes considers the depiction of love and loss in this intricately illustrated book by Belgian artist Kaatje Vermeire and writer Tine Mortier.  

Follow the Firefly / Run. Rabbit, Run!

Books Without Words

Is a book still a book if it doesn’t have any words? Anna Ridley takes a closer look at wordless picture books and discovers there’s more than one way to tell a story.